It doesn’t have to be so complicated!

In a journey toward a healthy lifestyle small changes can sometimes make a big difference! Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be so complicated. Over time, these simple substitutions each day will reduce your daily calorie intake and move you closer to developing a healthy lifestyle and help you be the best you that you can be!


  • Grilled for fried
  • Mustard over mayonnaise
  • Vinaigrette for mayonnaise-based dressings
  • Sugar free substitutes for sugar
  • Wheat bread for white bread
  • Brown rice for white rice
  • Sweet potato for white potato
  • Veggies for french fries
  • Fruit for junk food
  • Water for soda…water water water!

And drink lots of water!!

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The world wasn't formed in a day and neither were you. Set small goals and build upon them. It's about progression, not perfection.
Nicki Lisenbey - Trainer
Nicki M. Lisenbey, CPT
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