New Training Staff!!

I am thrilled and proud to announce that Sarah Shuff and Shawna Melton are new certified personal trainers working with us at Custom Fit By Nicki! They will be training our members and clients along with me and my daughter, Olivia Lisenbey.


I am all about training hard and achieving results…and each one of these girls has done just that themselves! When each of them began training with me we set weight loss and fitness goals and didn’t stop until we met them. Through the process they not only reached their goals but also developed a passion for a healthy lifestyle which inspired them to take it to the next level and become certified personal trainers! With their enthusiasm and drive they join the Custom Fit By Nicki Team to help you set and begin achieving your goals today!

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I was nervous about having a personal trainer, but Nicki immediately extinguished all of those feelings at my first visit. She was sweet, understanding and nonjudgmental while encouraging and pushing me. I have lost a ton of inches not to mention I’m the smallest I have ever been! I don’t wobble and wiggle when I wave (AKA old lady arms) and my legs don’t at all. Nicki's energy and passion for a healthy lifestyle is contagious. Because of Nicki, I am healthier and fitter than I have been in my whole life. Nicki is worth every penny...actually she is priceless!
Lauren Garner - Personal Training Client
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