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We “custom fit” people every day with life-changing, body transforming personal training and nutrition plans.  We have blended our personal training expertise with state-of-the-art technology that leads the infant industry of online virtual personal training. We are rapidly expanding our clientele. If you want very affordable, effective personal training look no further…you have come to the right place! This is the future of personal training…and it’s here now!

What is Virtual Training?

Virtual Trainer

Virtual training is the future of personal training.  And we have that future for you today!  The blending of our trainers’ knowledge and skills with our state-of-the-art virtual personal training technology provides you with the best of what our experienced personal trainers deliver while eliminating the biggest problems…it allows us to offer all of our customized training and nutrition plans to you with unmatched affordability and unlimited scheduling flexibility.  It is inexpensive and you no longer have to workout on your trainer’s schedule…you can workout WHENEVER and WHEREVER you want to!  Whether you prefer to workout at home or at a gym, our trainers will customize your training plan according to the equipment you have available to you. Your workouts are dynamic and constantly changing to keep your body from plateauing and to keep you from getting bored with the same workout over and over.

It Makes Dollars and Sense!

Dollars & Sense

Get the body you want at a price you can afford! Studies show that 3/4ths of Americans want a personal trainer to lose weight but can’t afford one. Our remarkably successful weight loss and body transformation training is now ridiculously affordable with our cost-effective, state-of-the-art virtual personal training technology! Get an entire month of training with a highly sought-after personal trainer for less money than you would pay for just one session with most personal trainers!

Being 15 to 50 pounds overweight can cost you $500 per year! Being 50+ pounds overweight can cost you up to $5,000 per year!! Our state-of-the-art virtual personal training and nutrition plans cost less than $2 a day.

Virtual Trainer

You can access your workouts either on our website through your web browser or on our custom-designed app for your smartphone (iPhone and Android apps). If you don’t know how to perform a particular exercise, each exercise in your workout has an easily accessible video to show you exactly how to perform it. You can enter the number of reps and the amount of weight for each set if you want to track each workout in great detail or you can simply check-in for a workout to let your trainer know that you did it…it’s up to you.  Your progress is tracked and charted.  Your trainer reviews your progress and tweaks your training plan as warranted. You can communicate with your trainer via messaging built into the app.  Periodically you can have video calls with your trainer to review and discuss your progress and changes to make.  You can even easily link a Withings Wifi scale to your account on our site to automatically upload your weight, lean mass and body fat measurements whenever you step onto it.

See our virtual personal training plans and buy one today!

It’s Science…And It Works!

Science Works

But make no mistake about it – we aren’t better just because we have created an affordable way for you to be trained by a friendly, expert trainer, we are better because what we do works for our clients…period! No gimmicks, no fads, no “one-size-fits-all” plans that are wrong for you. Every one of us is different…we all have different bodies, different goals, different needs, etc. We “custom fit” our plans to you and adapt them as needed to your changing body and your changing needs.

Our innovative, industry-leading, custom virtual training app delivers entire workout training sessions and a comprehensive training plan to you on your phone, tablet or computer. The workouts are professionally designed to scorch fat and tone muscle in an efficient, effective and healthy manner. Our virtual training app serves it all up to you as you go…just follow along for a perfect workout! Get these comprehensive benefits:

  • tells you which exercise to perform
  • tells you how many reps to do for each exercise
  • tell you how much weight to use for each exercise
  • video option to watch a video which shows you how to perform the exercise
  • built-in timer to time your timed exercises and your breaks
  • log everything you did
  • track and graph your increased strength progress
  • optionally track your body measurements and progress photos
  • instant message your trainer from the app

We offer three different lengths of virtual personal training plans available as described below. Your plan will be custom-designed for your body, your fitness level and your goals. We will send your customized workouts to you online and you can access them via our virtual personal training phone app or our website. Our app and website will track your stats and allow you to watch your progress and interact 1-on-1 with your trainer as you build strength, burn fat and achieve your fitness and body goals!

Fueled Plans

Healthy Food

An integral part of any comprehensive training plan includes fueling your body with the proper nutrition for energy and for the fastest, most effective fat burning and muscle building to produce truly dramatic results. We strongly encourage you to purchase a “fueled” training plan which includes a nutrition plan costing as little as $1 per day more. Our fueled plans pair your training plan with a “custom fit” nutrition plan which will perfectly match your body and your training plan with the proper amount, ratios and timing of high-quality protein, carbs and fats needed to properly fuel your body for each different phase of your plan for maximum fat loss and body transformation!

Click here to learn more about nutrition and our “custom fit” fueled nutrition plans which are designed to perfectly match your body and each phase of your training plan

6 Month HOT Pink Fueled Plan
For transformational results and the best of the best, we recommend that you purchase the 6 Month HOT Pink Fueled Plan. This fueled plan pairs this training plan with its perfectly matched nutrition plan. 6 months from now you will be soooo glad you did! This plan will scorch fat and transform your body into the best, sculpted body you can have!
6 Month HOT Pink Plan
If you want true body sculpting and a dramatic body transformation, you need a completely comprehensive, multi-phased training plan over an extended period of time. This training plan will take you to elite levels of fitness with a completely comprehensive, multi-phased training plan designed to scorch fat and transform your body!

3 Month Pink Fueled Plan
For dramatic results, we recommend that you purchase the 3 Month Pink Fueled Plan which pairs this training plan with its perfectly matched nutrition plan. With the perfect combination of training and proper nutrition, you won't believe the changes that will occur to your body in only 3 months!
3 Month Pink Plan
With this plan, your body can change tremendously in only 3 months. This training plan will take you to the next level with a comprehensive, multi-phased training plan designed to scorch fat and sculpt your body!

1 Month Purple Fueled Plan
For better results, we recommend that you purchase a fueled plan. The 1 Month Purple Fueled Plan will pair your training plan with its perfectly matched nutrition plan!
1 Month Purple Plan
Starter plan without nutrition plan. This is a great training plan to begin with if you want to give this a try. This plan will give you a great start! If you want a virtual trainer but you have no specific timeframe in mind initially, you can purchase this plan from month-to-month and continue for as long as you wish or cancel at anytime.

The world wasn't formed in a day and neither were you. Set small goals and build upon them. It's about progression, not perfection.
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